Periods. A beautiful natural process that's quintessential to create human life. However, women always have to hear about how periods are "gross" or "taboo".

Be it urban cities or rural villages, both women and girls face a myriad of issues due to their period. We want to tell all females that their periods are powerful not painful.

Join us on this journey of empowerment, confidence and of change. Changing how periods are perceived and experienced.

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Kanika's Story

FemPeers is our way to change mindsets of women. Especially of mothers and daughters. When my mother first introduced me to periods, she didn't tell me that it will limit me in anyway. Rather, she told me it's a beautiful thing to embrace, a special power of giving life. Many mothers see this as a limitation to their daughter's personal and professional journey and hence young girls develop a negative mind set and hate their periods. They grow up saying "Why am I a girl? I hate being a girl!" We want to change that. I want to make periods a happy affair for each woman, be it a city girl or a rural one who stops her education as soon as she hits puberty because there are no facilities in schools to cater to their period needs.

Nandini's Story

Females are the epitome of strength! Like Beyonce said, "We're smart enough to make these millions. Strong enough to bear the children. Then get back to business." I mean, we're awesome as heck! But not many people recognise that. Some girls aren't even given the opportunity to realise just what magnificent beings they are. They're banished & made to suffer all because they're on their periods. Something that is only natural. Something that they never asked for. It's not fair that these girls have to go through this and live their whole lives thinking its fine to be treated this way. Together with your help, we'll put an end to unsafe, uncomfortable periods.


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